IDOO is your new
personal store assistant

IDOO helps you improve your margin, reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and manage your store anywhere, anytime.

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Before we spent so much time on entering purchase orders that we stop entering them. Now we let IDOO creates them and we only need to validate. It learns very well with time!

Benjamin Adler, Founder and General Manager, Rebicycle

“Now that our supply chain is automated, we can focus on what really counts: our clients! On top of that, we are having so much interacting with IDOO on our phone!”

Taïna Chalifoux,
President and Founder, 

Di Napoli Caffe

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Better forecast, better margin


While on the floor, you can scan your product barcode.


Get information you need
about your products.


Correct your inventory and reorder point on the spot.

Smarter faster 
better decisions.

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IDOO is powered by an advanced forecasting engine allowing you to easily forecast specific products, brands or category of products. Having a good forecast and demand planning allows you to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by minimizing shortages

  • Reduce overstock and space by eliminating inventory that does not sell 

  • Increase your margin 

Liberate yourself from repetitive tasks

IDOO analyzes and understands your data and can proactively engage with you to create purchase orders in real time, update reorder points automatically and provide you with actionable insights.

  • Stop entering line-by-line purchase orders and let IDOO suggest POs and create them on the spot.

  • Spend less time updating manually reorder point for all of your SKUs.

  • Let IDOO help you with proactive interactions and alerts.

Manage your store anytime, anywhere

IDOO is more than a platform, it is also a companion powered by conversational AI to help you keep track of your store performance, anywhere, anytime.

You can use the conversational mobile application to scan an item while on the floor, get the information you need and instantly update your system without the need to be at your desk.

Leverage the power of your CLOUD POS

With IDOO on Lightspeed, get the world's smartest POS system. 

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*IDOO on Shopify, Vend, Square and other POS system to be released this winter. 

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